Industrial sewing

Partial or complete product assembly

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We provide production services for the most demanding projects in slipcovers and other items related to the textile.

Running into difficulties with additional orders or products out of your usual range? Save money and time by subcontracting some of orders received by you. Outsourcing the cut & sewn operations to us you can focus on your core competencies, reduce costs and increase productivity and profitability.

Construction and preparation of cutting templates

The company makes prototypes on a base of drawings and samples received from customers, as well as makes sets of the cutting templates.


The company offers manual cutting of patterned fabrics and leather as well as multiply cutting with an industrial saw.


UAB Druoja manufactures, packs and ships slipcovers made in line to drawings and specifications of customers. We have double and triple feeding sewing machines Pfaff and Durkopp Adler, suitable for heavy fabrics, leather and similar materials, as well as industrial overlocks and double stitching machines.

Upholstery and assembling

Skilled employees make upholstery and both partial or final assembly of components as required by customers.

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UAB Druoja

About the company

The company was established in 2015. The main activity is industrial sewing and partial or final assembly of components. The company cuts & sews slipcovers for sofas and chairs, makes upholstery and assembly of chairs and other items ordered by customers.


UAB Druoja is well situated in Alytus, 50km from Polish border. It is an ideal position to receive materials and ship goods to our customers.


UAB Druoja
Mailing address: Ulonų 16a, Alytus
Phone: +370 682 50340